I'm Klaudia, Matilda's mum 👋

Our beginning, to which the creation of Antilda is related, is probably very similar to how it was for you

Over a year ago came the moment of expanding our daughter's diet, and with it came the overwhelm of a new situation, a little stress, and the need to make decisions I got stuck in them a bit, there was too much to choose from).

With a six-month-old toddler under my arm, my "experience" was already playing clearly in my head ioioio 🚨 
This time, I need to look up and sift through what will be Ok and what won't be necessary 

This search was crucial. 

I found out what was my problem, and also realized, from reviews and referrals on various mum-groups that I was not the only one struggling with it. 
It was about...
The reason was telling me that we should absolutely choose the IKEA Antilop, though ❤️ / 💔 prompted a search in a completely different direction, as the Antilop look did not encourage it one bit. 

This is how the idea came about, implementation with anxiety and waiting for the course of events. 
The whole project fulfilled all my old assumptions, which were that for me, in order to start 'something' I wanted it to be child-related, useful, without a lot of risk and with the possibility of combining it with motherhood. 

This is how Antildacome into being. Now I can develop it with the support of my husband and the assistance of our daughter Matilda. 

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