What to choose?

Cover together with the IKEA inflatable cushion, recommended for the beginning of dietary expansion.

Cushions with foam filling is our suggestion for the following stage of expanding the diet when the toddler is older.

Why? The difference is due to the amount of space to be filled in chair seats

Proper filling

The right seat filling should be adjusted to a child to help him/her keep the correct posture.

CUSHION To IKEA Antilop chairs
Favourite Animals
Cover for IKEA Antilop chairs
Gentle Butterflies

Toddler's Posture 

It is fundamental for the safety of our baby's meals (straight back with knees bent at a right angle). A smaller child will need to be pushed further towards the tray to keep a straight posture. Pay attention to where the younger child will sit and where the older will.

It is recommended that the knees of the child sitting in the chair 

are bent at right angle.

Our Cushions fill the seat to a lesser extent, hence we rather recommend them for older and larger toddlers. They are usually suitable from around 10 months of age. While for an earlier stage and the beginning of dietary expansion, the IKEA inflatable cushion with waterproof cover will work well. This cushion fills a seat more, and also provides extra support for your baby's posture.  

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